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Tesco chooses Paper over Plastics

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Newbury Friends of the Earth are celebrating the news that Tesco have decided to roll out paper bags to replace the plastic ones that have been used for those people self picking their fruit and vegetables. Last May, the group carried out a protest

outside Sainsbury’s to highlight the issue, which Meridian TV covered on their evening broadcast. On the back of that publicity, Sarah Bradbury, a main board director of Tesco, invited local representatives of the environmental group to the head office to discuss the issue in more depth. Newbury coordinator Adrian Foster-Fletcher said, “The plastic bags that Tesco were using have a useful life of around 11 minutes, yet take 500 years to break down. Tesco are our biggest supermarket and any change they make has a huge impact on the environment. We wish to congratulate Tesco on this bold move which will make a major contribution to fighting plastic pollution.”


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