Paper over Plastics



Newbury Friends of the Earth are celebrating the news that Tesco have decided to roll out paper bags to replace the plastic ones that have been used for those people self picking their fruit and vegetables.











Tesco are our biggest supermarket and any change they make has a huge impact on the environment. We wish to congratulate Tesco on this bold move which will make a major contribution to fighting plastic pollution.

About Paper over Plastic


Newbury Friends of the Earth is fighting back against unnecessary single use plastic! We are focusing on our shopping habits in supermarkets to replace plastic with paper alternatives, where possible.

We have campaigned at large supermarket stores such as Sainsbury's town centre store, gathering signatures to ban the use of plastics in their fruit and vegetable section as well as handing out free recycled paper bags for shoppers use instead.



Get Involved

The easiest way to join this campaign is with your own actions! Ditch the plastic on your shopping round and either buy loose fruit and vegetables or bring bags from home. Lobby supermarkets to supply more eco-friendly options, look out for any future protests we are holding, or send a letter directly to the company asking for change. 


Friends of the Earth Newbury gathers outside Sainsburys, Hector's Way, to promote their paper bag alternative

Shoppers signing up in support.jpg

A shopper signs up for a petition against the use of plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable aisle of major supermarket stores.