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Climate Emergency Action plan

In 2018 the UK government declared a Climate Emergency. What does this mean at a local level and how can we ensure our council will follow through with their declaration?

Our 10-step action plan…
Adult Education Course


Create a compulsory education program on climate change for all councillors and senior council officers within WBC to allow them to understand the urgency of climate action.

Windmills on green field

Renewable energy investment

Create a community bond to fund the construction of three new wind turbine sites in the WB area.

Planting a Tree

Engage the public

Provide useful information through your website outlining how we can reduce our carbon footprint in the WB area as well as progress on climate change mitigation locally.


Divest fossil fuel funding

Insist that all WBC investments held in the Berkshire Pension fund are divested from fossil fuel investment towards more sustainable options.

Solar Panels

Solar energy

All council buildings with south facing roofs must be fitted with solar panels saving money in electricity bills as well as the planet.

Forest Trees

Double tree cover

Double tree cover by 2045 around the WB area. Head over to our lockdown woods project to see how we are pushing this forward already.

Insulation Installation

Efficient new builds

All new constructions in the WB area must achieve Passivehaus standards, ensuring a low carbon footprint for this building.

Domestic Waste Bin

 Waste management

Offer commercial composting facilities and ditch the green waste charges for WB residents. Provide new wheelie bins and better information on recycling options.

Fashion Store Clerk

Engage local businesses

Provide practicable and specific guidelines for local businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and highlight their role as a business in making environmental change.

Electric Car Charger

Electric car charging points

The world is changing rapidly and we need WB to keep up! Install dedicated charging points and car parking spaces for electric cars.

Send the action plan to our local council:​.uk

Climate SOS logo

Newbury Friends of the Earth is supporting Climate SOS to fight against funding of fossil fuels in the UK!

We demand that the UK Government tells the truth about its fossil fuel subsidies and shifts taxpayers’ money from fossil fuels and industrial-scale bioenergy (from land-use change) into energy efficiency, non-emissive renewable energy, public transport and nature restoration. The UK Government also needs to show leadership in COP 26 and other international meetings to advocate and support urgent international action to be taken to end fossil fuel subsidies. 

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