Climate Emergency Action Plan

In 2018, 15 year old, Greta Thunberg, began her School Strike for Climate campaign outside the Swedish Parliament. She then went on to address world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, challenging their lack of action over the destruction of the planet. This led to worldwide protests and the creation of Fridays for Future.


In response, the UK government declared a Climate Emergency.


So, what does this mean at a local level and how can we ensure our council will follow through with their declaration?

At a national level

Climate SOS: Shift our Subsidies

Newbury Friends of the Earth is supporting Climate SOS to fight against funding of fossil fuels in the UK!

We demand that the UK Government tells the truth about its fossil fuel subsidies and shifts taxpayers’ money from fossil fuels and industrial-scale bioenergy (from land-use change) into energy efficiency, non-emissive renewable energy, public transport and nature restoration. The UK Government also needs to show leadership in COP 26 and other international meetings to advocate and support urgent international action to be taken to end fossil fuel subsidies. 

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Friends of the Earth Newbury propose a 10 Point Plan to ensure West Berkshire responds effectively to this emergency!
Adult Education Course
Gardening Lesson
man and pannels
Send to our local council

Click here to download a draft letter of our Action Plan

Fashion Store Clerk
Construction Workers
Electric Car
Sustainable Energy
Domestic Waste Bin
Forest Trees


E: info@newburyfoe.co.uk

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