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Homegrown Saplings Finally in the Ground!

After a year's wait due to restrictions put in place during the pandemic in 2020, this weekend our tree guardians finally parted ways with their homegrown saplings. It was a fantastic event spread over two mornings in which we planted out 90 trees in Stroud Green Park, some of which were up to 6-7ft tall. There was great participation from everyone who attended especially some keen younger tree guardians, helping their families with digging, planting and (most importantly) worm collecting.

We were lucky enough to be joined by the deputy mayor, Gary Norman who has said "There are very few silver linings to the massive dark cloud of Covid, but one such is the extraordinary way that local communities have been brought together as never before to create something positive out of it.

The fantastic Lucie Robinson joined us on Saturday supplying us with great pictures of the event that can be found in our gallery on the main Lockdown Woods page.

I would like to thank all families for your ongoing dedication to our project and hope you enjoyed seeing the fruits of your guardian labour appearing this weekend in the form of a brand new wooded area in Stroud Green.


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