Get involved with the Lockdown Woods Project

Join 'Friends of the Lockdown Woods'

What to bring to a 'Friends of the Lockdown Woods' meeting

- Boots (or wellies for Barn Crescent, which is wet in one area)

- Gardening gloves

- Trowel

- Mallet if you have one

- Shears

- Secateurs

- Bucket or sack for weeds, and rubbish

- Water for trees (and for you)

Would you like to care for Lockdown Woods, tending our new baby trees? Our 'Friends of  Lockdown Woods' groups meet monthly for a couple of hours, mainly checking sapling health, replacing canes, watering, weeding or litter picking depending on what is required. It is a great sociable way to meet like-minded people and watch our saplings change and grow.


For a full list of what to bring please hover over the lovely picture on the left of one of our dedicated planters!

'Friends of Lockdown Woods Goldwell Park' meeting 1st Sunday of each month, 10am in the Park.

'Friends of Lockdown Woods Barn Crescent' meeting 2nd Sunday of each month, 10am in Barn Crescent or Stroud Green.

Please let us know if you're interested by email & indicate which group suits you best so we can ensure we can keep you in touch.

Lockdown Woods 2022

Getting ready for the FIFTH Lockdown Wood!

The location of the final wood is still being identified, we will let you know as soon as possible. We will email you with the planting date in the autumn. 


If you have a sapling you would like to dedicate to someone special, please indicate this on the form, as we will be able to plant of these in Goldwell Park with the other dedicated trees.

Please register your sapling or saplings on our short form. If you have more than two saplings please fill out the form again with the same contact details to register them all! To help us work out what to plant where, we need to know what species you have and how tall they are.  If you don’t know what type your trees are, have a look at the  Woodland Trust Tree ID app, or PlantNet app.  Then measure each from the top of its pot.

Thank you.

Sapling Registration

Thanks for registering your saplings!

Tree Guardians


At the beginning of our project we asked members of the public to gather saplings from their garden and care for them to be planted in our woodlands.  

We had a fantastic 150 saplings registered on our site in 2020 which were sadly unable to be planted in Winter 2020 due to ongoing COVID restrictions on large gatherings. However, most of these were planted into Stroud Green Lockdown Wood in November 2021.


Any which were too small for the 2021 planting will probably be big enough to put in the ground in Winter 2022.  Watch this space for further information about the next site and dates for our next community planting of precious home-grown trees.



One of our youngest tree guardians, Freddie Marsh, eight years old