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Lockdown Woods Project

Our organisation

We are a local group of national Friends of the Earth campaigning community - pushing for change on causes which matter to our area, the UK and beyond! 

Contact us today to find out how you can help us protect our local area and make it more climate-friendly.

Warm Shops Campaign

During the winter of 2023/24 we are running a Warm Shops campaign.


The aim is to encourage shops to close their doors, preventing heat loss to the environment. With the resulting benefits -

 Slash heating costs!

  Keep shoppers warm!

  Keep shop staff warm!

  Contribute to reducing climate warming!

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Our mission

Since 2020 our main project has been the Lockdown Woods. We have created five beautiful woodland environments across Newbury and West Berkshire. These woodlands are dedicated to those who lost their lives or faced hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join us now as we continue to grow and nurture our Lockdown Woods over the coming years.

20210615 - Goldwell Park Lockdown Woods

Get social

A Facebook group for Friends of the Earth members, and anyone interested in what we're doing locally and nationally.

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Read our blog

News from our campaigning work, the Lockdown Woods project, plus a new series from Friends of Newtown Road Cemetery featuring their plant of the month.

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