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Sapling registration form

West Berkshire Council has granted us permission to add 60 more deciduous native trees to Goldwell Park and Stroud Green in Newbury. Our plan is to fill in some of the empty spaces in these areas and enhance the hedge in the Lost Field in Hamstead Marshall.

To ensure the saplings have the best chance of thriving, we will only be planting those that are at least 0.5 meters tall. Please provide your contact information along with the sapling's species and height (measured from the top of the pot in centimetres) in the sapling registration form below.


If you're uncertain about the species, you can use a free plant identification app like PlantNet. If you have more than three saplings, please complete an additional form. Thank you.

Please note that we can only plant identified species that are deciduous and native to the UK.

All fields marked with an asterix (*) are required. 

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