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Second Newbury Cubs visit Goldwell Park Lockdown Wood

Many thanks to Joan Stacey, Lockdown Woods member, for this article.

On the 20th May at our Goldwell Park site, a brave Cubs group, led by Kerry Bird, battled the wintery elements to learn about the recently planted wood.

They were introduced to our project coordinator, Susan Millington, who explained that the

trees have been planted as a lasting memorial to the restrictions and the sad losses

of the COVID-19 Pandemic in our local community. It will become a legacy for future generations, becoming a beautiful envinment to walk and exercise or relax and think — a place of wellbeing for both mind and body.

Another benefit is that planting trees helps to lock in atmospheric carbon which

contributes to climate change. It is estimated that when the three Lockdown Woods

are mature, they will offset the amount of carbon produced by Newbury Town

Council in the course of all its activities per year. These include maintenance and

heating of premises, travel and everything which involves the use of energy/power

which does not come from an environmentally friendly “green” source.

The session was filled with many eager questions and a chance to identify and measure the 250 saplings in the woodland. Our brave cubs even had a go at Latin species naming!

They also discussed the flowers, fruits and nuts the trees would produce later in the year and their value to wildlife. Finally, the children had a go at the ancient craft of “leaf bashing". Leaves are placed on damp paper or fabric on a pastry board and “bashed" with the end of a rolling pin, or in this case a rubber mallet. The leaf pigments and shape transferred

on to the paper or fabric giving a decorative effect.

Well done to all those involved for braving the wet weather and learning about the value of the new woodland.

Many thanks to the Newbury Cubs and Kerry Bird for attending and to Joan Stacey for writing up the event.


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