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First Meet-ups of 'Friends of Lockdown Woods' complete!

It's official - our first month of 'Friends of Lockdown Woods' meetings is completed!

A group of 9 met at Goldwell Park on Sunday 11th of April and a slightly larger group of 14 at Barn Crescent on Sunday 18th of April, ensuring social distancing was followed at all times.

They carried out all important work on the two sites, weeding, watering and caring for our baby saplings, replacing canes and guards where needed. They reported some litter at Barn Crescent but thankfully almost all saplings have survived planting, with some almost doubling in size already!

We were also lucky enough to be joined by an experienced botanist, Joan, at our Goldwell Park site. Alongside Clive Williams, the pair were able to complete the first of many biodiversity surveys of flowering plant species in the area.

Well done to all those who took part and we look forward to seeing you in future monthly meet-ups at each site. If you would like to be involved in 'Friends of Lockdown Woods', please comment below or email for more information.

Please see wonderful photos of our excellent team taken by the fantastic Lucie Robinson below. Please note the first 5 are taken at Goldwell Park while the rest are at Barn Crescent.


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