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Fifth Lockdown Wood planting soon!

Details of our fifth Lockdown Wood are now confirmed!

Location: Hamstead Marshall

Planting date: Sunday 13 November 2022, 10.00 - 12.30.

You are welcome to bring your saplings along and plant them yourselves, or by all means contact the Lockdown Woods team who will be happy to plant them for you! Please register your sapling or saplings on our short form - link below. If you have more than two saplings please fill out the form again with the same contact details to register them all. To help us work out what to plant where, we need to know what species you have and how tall they are. If you don’t know what type your trees are, have a look at the Woodland Trust Tree ID app, or PlantNet App. Then measure each from the top of its pot. We suggest you do this in the next week or so, before all their leaves fall off! There is no minimum height this time as this is our final wood. If you think your baby tree will thrive in the ground from this winter, even if it is less than 50cm tall, bring it along and plant it into the final Lockdown Wood. (If it still needs more tlc before emerging into the big wide world, perhaps keep it and arrange to plant it elsewhere when it is sturdy enough). If you have a sapling you would like to dedicate to someone special, please indicate this on the form, as we may be able to plant these in Goldwell Park with the other dedicated trees. For planning purposes, please let us know what you would like to plant before the end of October! We'll confirm the exact location and times by email when we have your details. Many thanks.



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