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Calling all Stroud Green Sapling Guardians!

Thank you again for joining us over the weekend of 6 & 7 November to plant your special young tree in our new Newbury Friends of the Earth Lockdown Wood on Stroud Green.

The next step to care for your saplings is to join our 'Friends of Lockdown Woods Stroud Green' group. Over the first few years we will be tending to our saplings, by weeding and watering when necessary. Hopefully you will be able to join us in looking after your trees. Young trees need watering occasionally with large volumes of water rather than 'little and often'. This may be especially important if we have another dry spring and summer.

The Lockdown Woods group organises work parties at each of the three Newbury sites.

Our first scheduled meeting is Sunday 10 April, 10am. We will have access to a tap and hosepipe on that date if necessary. After that, we aim to meet in Stroud Green on the second Sunday in June, August and October, plus other times as necessary.

Please let us know if you would like to be part of the Friends group, so we can put you on our email list to let you know what’s going on. For instance, we hope to plant spring-flowering bulbs again next year, so will be organising a bulb planting day in September – it would be great if you would like to get involved with that. Keep an eye on our FB group and our website for more information.

We look forward to getting to know you, as our little wood on Stroud Green develops and gets more and more beautiful, offering space for reflection and relaxation.

Photos taken by Olivia Lockyear and Lucie Robinson.



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