These two poems were presented at the Goldwell Park Lockdown Wood. Blake, Piper and Alice spoke during the special ceremony, dedicating the wood to a healthy future for our families and our world, and in memory of all we have lost to COVID-19.

Poem for Our Remembrance

by Blake L Ludwig, August 2021


They are easily forgotten,
those who have fallen before us,
Those old and wise
and aged, or the sick
Who once cradled us,
gave us shelter, and
consoled us in time of need -
not always through words, but in their Being.

Their steadfast presence gave an anchorage,

a constant, always ones to return to
and cradle us with acceptance:
A smile, a hand,

a light breeze, simple words
to remind us again and again
Of our connection to some lineage,
a thread that kept us from drifting too far.

These trees, these young saplings

like our memories of our old ones

who have left
and we have lost,

They will need our nurturing now

to keep them alive.

In the tending we will discover

our own anchoring
Our caring will cast tendrils

that root us, rebuild refuges

that again, one day, others will

come, sit beside us and

find safe harbour - succour
in such times of need and uncertainty

Come, find shelter, when life is so

weighty to carry,
Our sacrificial act of tending,
Our tendering,

is a giving back, make an offering
to replace what was lost,
rebuild a relationship,
hold a memory so dear our heart breaks.

May we stay broken.

Cherish this time, and
in our process, let us relearn a reciprocity

In this simple act:
Teach us and nurture us
as we dig and plant
and water
and relearn the seasons passing.

A Cycle of Trees

Piper Turner 9age 10), Alice Green (age 9) from Hungerford Primary School.

The tree it grew, 

Up towards the blue.

To the world it waves, 

On windy days.

Blossoms bloom,

Outside my room.

The rain keeps me alive, 

Whilst my leaves thrive.

I watched as years went by,

As my branches reach for the sky.

My roots stretched to the ground, 

To the Earth I'm bound.

Life goes on, 

And my leaves are gone,

I'm growing weary and old,

I should move on I'm told.

My space is now clear,

I've cried my last tear.

And then someone comes along, 

To plant another one,

For generations to come.

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Community Insights and Inspirations

Artful contributions

 inspired primarily by the Lockdown Woods project


Lockdown Wood (Norwegian Wood Cover)Ron MacPhee
00:00 / 02:54

'Lockdown Wood" composed by Ron McPhee

Performed by 'Strings Attached' 

This piece was first heard at our dedication ceremony for our Hungerford site in Westbrook Down on 22nd May 2021. It was performed by Ron and Rosie, aka 'Strings Attached'

Tree Dedication

This project is about coming to terms with the enormous losses suffered during the pandemic. Maybe you have lost someone due to COVID-19 or know individuals or businesses working exceptionally hard to keep our country running throughout this period?  

We offer the option of a personal dedication that you may hold with your family in Spring with one of our already planted trees. There are around 200 beautiful young trees which are already around 6' tall, planted by the district council amongst our smaller saplings, which would be very suitable for dedications. The council have kindly agreed to our request to use these new trees for dedications by members of the local community.


If you are interested, please email us and we will send some guidance notes.


Artwork by the fantastic Jackie Paynter of a private dedication idea


This amazing banner was created for our lockdown woods by Hungerford Primary School Pupils