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After months of protests and bitter nights spent camping up in the trees, Jone's Hill Wood has finally been cleared of activists. The ancient woodland is set to be demolished to make way for the HS2 railway later this year.

Police were sent in to remove protesters including Steve Masters, a West Berkshire Councillor and one of the earliest campers on site, as well as 'Swampy the Eco Warrior' who rose to fame some 20 years ago when he tunnelled under a bypass to protest against it's construction.

Read more about it on the HS2 rebellion webpage.

Hi all,

With the project reaching an exciting turning point, we now need to move on to planning the planting of your lovely, home-grown saplings. If you have any that exceed 50cm that you would like to be included in this year's plantings, please register them using the form at the bottom of the lockdown woods page by the 10th of October.

If your saplings are not mature just yet, please still look after them as we can plant them in 2021. Thanks very much!


E: info@newburyfoe.co.uk

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