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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us all difficult times with many painful losses. Newbury Friends of the Earth is running The Lockdown Woods project which aims to turn the grief felt by our community into something beautiful.  We have already planted three new memorial woodlands in West Berkshire which we hope to expand into 2021. Read on to find out more about our progress and how you and your family can be involved in the future.


Wildlife Monitoring

Calling budding naturalists for Wildlife Survey Opportunities! No experience necessary!
Our Lockdown Woods project is entering a new phase. During this year we will conduct baseline monitoring of our Newbury sites, in the hope of working towards increasing the wildlife diversity in our new woodlands.


Would you like to get involved in botanical and insect surveys in Goldwell Park and Barn Crescent? Drop us a message via email or Facebook group for more information.


We are very grateful to Newbury Town Council, Greenham Parish council,   West Bershire Council,   Growing Newbury Green plus Hungerford Town and Manor for generous support which enabled this project to go ahead as planned over 2020/21.

Personal Dedications

Have you been bereaved during the pandemic? People sometimes find it gives some comfort to dedicate a tree to a loved one. The Lockdown Woods project can perhaps help - you now have the chance to choose a special tree in Goldwell Park, Newbury for a dedication this spring.


You can hold your own private dedication ceremony there, and watch the tree grow over the years as a living reminder of the love and friendship you shared. Check out our Get Involved page to learn more or drop us an email.


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