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Come Plant with us

We will be holding public planting events in Autumn 2021. Please watch our website and Facebook Page for more information.

Dedicate a tree

This project is about coming to terms with the enormous losses suffered during the pandemic. Maybe you have lost someone due to COVID-19 or know individuals or businesses working exceptionally hard to keep our country running throughout this period?  

Artwork by the fantastic Jackie Paynter of a private dedication idea

We will be holding a dedication ceremony in 2021 for each site where you can dedicate a tree (either your own homegrown sapling or one of ours) for your wishes. We hope to have live music and poetry from the amazing members of our community.


In the meantime, we offer the option of a personal dedication that you may hold with your family in Spring with one of our already planted trees, rather than waiting until the autumn. There are around 200 beautiful young trees which are already around 6' tall, planted by the district council amongst our smaller saplings, which would be very suitable for dedications. The council have kindly agreed to our request to use these new trees for dedications by members of the local community.


If you are interested, please email us and we will send some guidance notes. Please note that gatherings are currently not permitted under Government Covid restrictions, but you are welcome to choose a sapling and start planning your ceremony.

At the beginning of our project we asked members of the public to gather saplings from their garden and care for them to be planted in our woodlands.  

We had a fantastic 100 saplings registered on our site in 2020 which were sadly unable to be planted this year due to restrictions on large gatherings. However, these will join our Lockdown Woods in autumn 2021 alongside saplings donated by the Woodland Trust so please continue to care for these if you can. We will not be asking for new saplings to be gathered this summer unfortunately. 

Our Sapling Registration form will be reinstated in summer, so we can allocate our ‘home-grown’ saplings to the best Lockdown Wood for you. 

One of our youngest tree guardians, Freddie Marsh, eight years old

Tree Guardians of 2020






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